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The New HNF Media

Many of you may’ve noticed that our old site stopped updating. That is because it has been dead. I’ve been busy with school lately and no longer have the time for updating a bunch of static html pages. So I was trying to go into learning PHP and MySQL to create a more interactive website. However, this seemed like it would be a lot of work, so I thought about creating a wordpress.

WordPress is just what I need for this. It lets people subscribe to the whole site or just parts of it, it allows you to make separate posts and put them all in an updated fashion on the homepage, and it has some widgets for extra support.

It may not be exactly what I want, it has even better points as well and is good enough for what I want to do.

While people have already begun to visit this site, I’m not done with it. I still have to finish moving over some information from the last website and then I’m going to redirect the old site to this one, so that you don’t get lost.

So bear with me for these few days while I finish everything. When it’s done, I hope for a lot more stuff coming out, like comedic articles and more jokes. Videos as well are going to be an obvious feature. If anyone else is interesting in something for the site, you can contact me.

This is more like what I envisioned HNF 2.0 to be, not like the static mess that the old site was.

So, while it is still a work in progress, have fun!

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