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A Full Semester of High School

With finals coming up soon, or perhaps those who’ve already had them, I thought it’d be nice to reflect on the last five months and see how my life has been, look at the great moments I’ve had so far, and how being a freshman has changed my life.

This may be old news to seniors, juniors, and sophomores, but for me, and those in lower grades, this list really shows you just what high school is truly about. Through your ups and your downs, you can experience a feeling; the feeling of learning!

September 9 – First day of school! You are feeling excited. You meet up with old friends you’ve forgotten over the summer and have a great blast reacquainting with each other. However, by the end of the day you will immediately feel like a drone again after receiving an essay about your activities over the summer, IN EVERY CLASS.

September 10 – Phew! First homework assignment done. You feel pretty relieved about how easy those assignments were. This leaves you defenseless when you learn the following week is an algebra test. Worse, you’ve forgotten everything you learned last year.

September 10 (Night) – Feeling angry while studying, you begin to curse summer for making the break too long. Instantly, you regret that thought and quickly search your room for evidence of Big Brother. You sleep with your teddy bear tonight. However, you secretly believe the teddy bear is feeding information to your big brother.

September 12 – The weekend! Finally! Now you can stay home and watch tv, relax, and do about a dozen different homework assignments. All conviently due by Monday. Worse off, that big brother thing comes true. He asks you to borrow $20, which is all you had.

September 18 – What? Your whole week just blurred together. Tonight’s the first football game of the season, and whether you’re in the marching band, the team, cheerleading, or just in the stand, you will still fill disgraced at the performance of your team. You want to try out, since you believe it is obvious you would be the best, but you’re too small.

September 28 – Drama club auditions? That sounds like fun is what runs through your mind. The competition isn’t that much, there’s about five or six guys and twice as many girls. You know you’re a freshman, so your part may not be that great, but you don’t care.

October 2 – Audition results! As expected, your part was not that big, but hey! You got a minor speaking role. Good job 2nd person protagonist!

October 9 – Football game, you try to bring a bag to the game to hide your shame, but it blows away in the heavy wind and rain.

October 10 – After a long night of football, you get up early for crew. Those sets just don’t seem to build themselves. Even if they could, your school couldn’t afford the technology. So all the wood must be manually carried in from the trailer about a half mile away. So obviously is has to be coldest day yet in the fall.

October 14 – Though it has been longer than one month, you’ve realized you’ve been in school that long. You’re glad because you only were thrown in three dumpsters during that period

October 16 – It isn’t raining this week, but it seems like the football team is still somehow slipping on the dry ground. You decide to not come to anymore games, but you don’t have a choice. It’s like a train wreck mixed with a mass murder and a pinch of dynamite.

October 17 – Remember when you had to carry all that wood into the school. Now half of it has be taken back out. When you’re finished cursing under your breath, you realize that half the upperclassmen haven’t even shown up for crew.

October 19 – Emo day (The first of many)

October 22 – You get your Bio test back and your first thought is that you don’t recall ever taking a biology test. Your grade reflects that.

October 24 – Carpentry crew has gotten to a slow point at the moment, so you’re asked to help with costumes. You nearly miss stabbing your finger while soing. So what?

October 26 – Emo day. Notice how that lines up with last monday. Coincidence?

October 31 – Halloween night! But first, during crew, the sight of blood makes you lose your appetite. But you’ll be okay, you still have 4 liters left!

November 3 – Election day, schools are closed. However, that doesn’t stop drama from ad selling. Once again, it seems like today is the day when it has to be cold.

November 4 – You want to wake up no earlier than noon, but according to your drama director, it is still a school day. Look at that! While the school would normally be closed, it was opened just for drama. Well that’s so nice!

November 5 – Drama has now become your soul enemy. However, you already signed a contract, so the director has your sole. Your going to need your shoes for crew so you don’t step on any screws (#lfmf)

*LFMF stands for Learn From My Fail

November 7 – You don’t seem to get a break do you? After five straight days of ‘school-drama’, you have crew, which waking up for isn’t pleasant either.

November 9 – Just before you know it, you’re back in school. WTH just happened to the last week?

November 13 – You is assigned a English essay for over the weekend. You spend hour; but you thnk you does pretty great on it.

November 16 – You hands in your esay to your teechr. You cant wait un-til you gets bak

November 18 – Emo day on a Wednesday this time. Speaking of time, it seems to drag on forever.

November 19 – Midterms day one

November 20 – Midterms day two. While you may have these big tests to study for, drama doesn’t let up its vicious wrath on your soles. Which sucks because you really want new sneakers.

November 21 – Guess what? The plays in a week! Better get to memorizing your lines. True, you know you’re first act pretty well, but the stage director won’t be there to feed you lines on opening night, or any following night.

November 23 – Emo day. Why? It’s a Monday of course. Plus, you’re teechr give you D on you essay He doe’snt seem to apreeceeate teh hard work you put in-to it,

November 25 – Hmm… study drama lines or study biology. One one hand the opening night is tomorrow night. On the other hand so is your biology test*. On the other hand the director seems like they’d get a lot more angry at you than your teacher. On the other hand school seems fairly important. Tradition!
*The biology test is scheduled during the school day

November 26 – You got up there, and completely blanked didn’t you? After all the hard work we went into together. You fail. But wait, words are coming out. They seem slow at first, but then they slowly get louder. At the end when you bow, you feel proud of what you done.

Your forehead is bright with sweat. The makeup you had on has slowly faded. You’re quite tired. You feel ready to die any second. Now you only have to do this two more times.

November 28 – It’s the first Saturday in two months where you don’t have crew. However, you have the final performance of this play, plus the earlier cast dinner where you get to ‘bond’ with all the estranged fellows in drama. You’re not putting down drama, just some of the odd fellows who join. Actually, most of the cast are pretty cool.

November 29 – What a relief. It seems like yesterday’s crew was just postponed a day. Actually this is more like anti-crew. Everything has to be taken down and put back into the trailer. And the weather? Well it isn’t snowing, but it sure seems like the perfect weather.

November 29 (@3:00) – Slowly, drifting, carrying, sleeping. Only two more hours of carrying. Then a bright and cold prospect appears. Snow. Well great, you just got jinxed. Now you’ll have to freeze.

November 29 (After Strike) – You’re sick fool. You should’ve just worn a coat. But no you think you’re cool without one because the upperclassmen aren’t. However, you’re a freshman. You’re not as big or as cool as anyone else. Thus, you’re sick. You hope it isn’t the swine, because of public opinion of that disease, for no reason.

November 30 – Like a miracle, you get better just before school starts. I mean just before. You feel quite embarrassed when you walk in first period with a late pass. So you decide, since it’s Monday, to feel emo.

December 4 – Acting counter intuitively to the true separation of church and state, Christmas trees are placed in the front hallway. True, they are fake ones, with plastic ornaments to prevent vandlism, but it still shows the primarily Christian influence by the upper faculty.

December 5 – Your first true ‘free day’. You let all the homework go until the next day.

December 6 – Homework

December 7 – Strangely, you don’t feel emo today. However, thanks to your ‘great’ senior friends, you’re broke.

December 14 – After a blurry week, you walk into Algebra to see the feared words, ‘Trigonometry’. As your teacher uttered the words and you frantically took notes, you felt tangent to the information, but you wanted to confess your ignorance and sins. The co-sins followed the sins.

December 16 – Turns out to be this week’s emo day. Great timing too! Today you ‘learn’ trigonometric inverse functions! However, you have trouble secant for an answer. The same with co-secant an answer. All puns aside, you aren’t really tangent with this lesson and wish for more personal time with this and the teacher.

December 22 – It’s time, the signs go up for the Spring(Winter) Musical. You don’t want to join, but you have to. Nobody personally told you to join, but it’s like this; It’s just fun enough to be fun without being really fun. So you decide to go to auditions.

December 24 – Musical auditions are right after school, which ends on a half day. At this point you feel like the director has no soul, which gives her the reason for wanting yours. So you decide to give your sole back. This time you remember to wash it first.

Right before you audition you realize: you have no singing talent whatsoever! Even worse, the competition is bigger because more people joined for the musical. A total of 7 or 8 guys is now in the cast!

December 25 – Even drama can’t touch Christmas, bringing us back to the separation of church and state.

January 4 – Doesn’t it seem like it went by too fast? Well it did. Now you have drama again. You instantly regret this decision

January 6 – You receive the first project for finals. Instead of spending 2 hours trying to do a test, you get 3 weeks to do it. Is that an advantage, or a disadvantage? You decide that.

January 8 – Now you can do crew both on Fridays and Saturdays! Even more joy! I bet you can’t even handle it.

January 9 – Crew for the second day, I believe our second person protagonist is barely able to handle it.

January 10-11 – Emo days to work off the emotional damage.

January 13 – Well, you’re studying Romeo and Juliet in English class. But you cant evin understand todayz Engrish.

January 15-16 – Well, it’s snowing again. On the same day that you’re going to the trailer and pulling out wood. You’re cold and still feel a bit sick.

January 29 – After the last few weeks blurred, tonight is the big winter dance! At the dance, you get to eat some food and have a good time watching others grind for five hours.

January 30 – Painting at crew. You ruin your shirt. When trying to fix it, you ruin your pants. As if the day couldn’t get any worse, you ruin your shoes and ultimately your foot when you step on a screw. It seems like you didn’t learn from my fail. I encourage others to now learn from both of our fails. (#lfof)

February 1 – The Penultimate day of the semester, with finals

February 2 – Finally, finals.

Wasn’t that a great reflection? It seems so long and both so short. I only wish that my life doesn’t turn out like this.

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  1. Pi Star
    February 2, 2010 at 10:56 pm

    There’s nothing wrong with music, is there?

    I heard homecoming was unpleasant.

    Second person? I’ve heard of referring to self in third person, but not second. Highschool must really warp.. not “your brain”… the brains of all who enter.

  2. Pi Star
    January 31, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    I’m hoping high school isn’t actually as grim as all that. But even so, it would be better than Intermediate.

    (p.s. I like trig! Trig is awesome!)

    • February 2, 2010 at 9:20 pm

      Actually, high school is more grim. I forgot to put in entries for gym and music classes.

      As a matter of fact, I forgot to put in information for homecoming.

    • February 2, 2010 at 9:21 pm

      I will let you know, at this time next year, you will have felt just as depressed and you’ll refer to yourself in the second person.

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