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Polar Bears and Religion

Three religious leaders were at a convention in Alaska. There was a priest, a reverend/minister, and a rabbi. The men had a discussion about the afterlife. They were having a discussion on whether or not animals went to heaven. So they started to debate how animals could be blessed.

The priest then suggests, “Let’s go out and see if we can bless a polar bear, and then we’ll find out what happens.”

So they all go out to try to find a polar bear.

The priest finds one, and then starts to throw holy water on it. The bear reaches out with its paw and mauls him. The priest goes to the hospital

The Protestant minister searches for a polar bear and thinks, “The priest has it easy, I have to say a prayer over the bear.” The minister soon finds a bear, and it mauled. The minister also goes to the hospital.

The rabbi, minister, and priest all meet up in the hospital the next day and talk about what happened.

The rabbi says, “You guys had it easy, when a rabbi blesses, we have to circumcise.”
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