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Spring 2010 HNF Media Keynote

First off, I have to say I’m more than quite upset. Here I am, blogging about all these cool features that I personally will have up on the website. I’m using my new, great video camera with great editing software on a super-fast computer.

That’s the thing. I see these people around me. They’re great actors, but they aren’t involved with my youtube videos. I have great resources, but no actors. I just feel like I need to advertise more, get my name out.

I’ve yet to find my niche, something I’m really good at. Until that time, I’m not much of anything. I’m only a person who has too much free time and not enough friends.

Anyway, click the more button to check out what’s in store for the next 6 months…

I decided not to make a video of this, since I’ve lost track of time and now won’t have time for it before the new releases.

First, let’s tackle the new.
1- HeartGold Walkthrough
I will be starting a video walkthrough of the new Pokémon game HeartGold, which is coming out on Sunday. Additional to the normal posting on Youtube, I will also create an RSS feed and post it on iTunes as a Podcast, so you can keep up with the game if you can’t be on the computer all the time.

Videos will take a bit of time to get published. Since I have an older version of Adobe Premiere that isn’t compatible with my camera, I have to convert the files. Then I have to export and squeeze into an HD file, since I can’t find a codec that will work on Youtube.

2- The Rebirth of HNF Media
Well, Heather is no longer doing videos. As of today, she has no authority in HNF Media. However, this does not mean our ‘comedies’ will be gone. I’ve gone around recruiting some peeps. However, most of them don’t seem to be interested.

Luckily, I have gotten at least a couple on inquires, and I’m planning on finding a couple more people.

I’ve decided to dedicated HandNF on Youtube for video game walkthroughs and such, though I’m not sure how well that will go. My ability to make walkthroughs and videos about video games will depend on public opinion, as well as my HeartGold Walkthrough.

So in order to create a clean slate, and prevent the lovers of comedy from clicking through dozens of unwanted videos, I’m going to create a second youtube account. This one will be more for HNF Media information as well as comedies. http://www.youtube.com/HNFMedia

At the moment the youtube page will be blank, but once we start recording, we’ll have lots of videos up.

This goes back to what I was saying. I’d like these people to be in my videos, but they just aren’t that interested. I’ve begun to ask myself, who’s the one wasting the talent? Is it the funny and social actor, or the loner who spends his days on the computer and sleeping?

At this point I’d like to address some older business

3- Two new albums
You may’ve noticed I posted some new images some time ago. They are in two new albums which I’m hoping to expand over the next six months.

Why Life? – It’s essentially failblog, but personal. Instead of posting my fails to another website, I’ll post them in this album.

Schoodles – Random doodles I draw. As you might’ve seen from this, there are quite a lot of random things

4 – Weekly Humor
Anyone who’s visited within the past month knows that I’ve never updated that in such a long time. I’ve been busy and also have been in a dry spot. My decision is to remove it from the website.

5 – Mr. Tai and Chi ending
I really doubt they’d make a Wii Fit 3, so after the surge of videos is done, there won’t be any more Mr. Tai or Mr. Chi episodes left. I’m posting quite a few of them over the next few days in order to get it all posted before my next series.

I wish I could say more, but that’s everything I have planned. If more video game chances arise, I will possibly post more walkthroughs.

If you have any suggestions, please comment below. (That’s assuming you’re at https://hnfmedia.wordpress.com/2010/03/12/spring-2010-hnf-media-keynote/)

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