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Two Years; So what?

This past weekend was the anniversary of the day Heather, my older sister, and I created our Youtube account. Some of the first videos we posted were the popular (relevant to other videos) Mario and Sonic Olympics. About a week after creating our channel, we posted our first comedy. Chocoholics Anonymous was, to me, a major part of my video career. I did all of the editing myself, with a small amount of help from my dad.

A year ago, I posted this, our year anniversary video which was a medley of our comedy and computer game videos.

However, over the past year, the comedies we did have diminished. Heather is too busy to care about my videos anymore. I personally have drifted away from comedies because it just isn’t fun to do those anymore, alone. I’ve tried to recruit people, but regardless, the soonest I can do it is this summer.

Instead, I’ve done gaming videos. Until today, I’ve posted videos from the game “Wii Fit Plus” on the Nintendo Wii. Mr. Chi and Mr. Tai are two fictional characters representing the worst and best at the game. Today I posted the series finale for that, https://hnfmedia.wordpress.com/2010/03/28/mr-tai-has-a-series-finale/

What video series should I do next? HeartGold is on the plan. However, I’ve been too busy to post any video. I haven’t even edited videos yet.

There is another problem, views. The most popular videos on Youtube gets millions of views the day it is posted. I’ve been posting on youtube for two years now and many of my videos fail to break 100 views total. I’m considering what the point of everything is.

True, I’ve been on youtube for 2 years now, but what do I have to show for it?

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