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Graduation Schoodle

This is honestly what I do in my free time

Click more to see what is happening in this picture.

1. Janitors wearing berets are taking down the French flag. This is because I did it in French class.
2. I drew a road that circled around the flagpole.
3. A delivery truck has pulled up to the side.
4. A delivery person has boxes of Wick Donna’s fast food. This will be next weeks lunch.
5. As you can tell, the children are excited by this.
6. The school sign reflects this.
7. Graduating seniors give their ‘dueces’ to the younger students.
8. A squirrel launches an attack at the senior.
9. Another senior, who is unclothed, tries to knock the squirrel out of the tree.
10. This senior will be assaulted by a squirrel. This act is being watched.
11. One of the squirrels has taken a senior prisoner.
12. There is a puddle with a whale hiding inside of it. How he got there, I’ll never know.
13. A giraffe is also surprised by the whale.
14. A tennis player accidentally lobs the ball out of the tennis courts.
15. A hungry caterpillar tries to eat a plant.

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  1. Pi Star
    April 3, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    Even more gorgeous than the last one

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