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HNF Media makes a Cameo!

Wow. I’ve been gone for a while. The last post that was published was back in April.

YAY! He’s back!

Well not really.

I suppose it was around the end of March that I got sick of making videos. It was a waste of time. My comedic videos weren’t taking off, and I had just finished my Wii Fit series. Although my video game videos were more popular, they weren’t off the charts, so I gave up.

Later note: Since August, I have received emails from Youtube saying a couple of my Mario & Sonic Olympic videos were eligible for partnership. Of course this wouldn’t happen, since they contain copyrighted material.

Regardless of that, many people have asked for us to do the Mario & Sonic Winter Olympics. I’ve had to convey this to each person:
There is no more “we”. My ‘partner’ (the H in HNF) has gone off to college. She won’t be returning. The series was planned, but never went through.

I was planning to start a Pokémon HeartGold walkthrough after Mr. Tai ended, but my life was busy and I didn’t feel like editing through hours of video. (I did record my journey all the way through Mahogany though).

The idea of video game walkthroughs didn’t appeal to me anymore. I was more interested in making video games.

At this point, I already had my beta invitation to Stencyl a free game making tool. It’s revolutionary, and I’ve played a key role in its development.

At this point, “HandNF” is dead, and the idea of HNF Media; a brother and sister team, has fallen into disillusion.

Where will this go now? I don’t know, but I feel like an explanation was in order. If you’re that kind of person that likes staying in the loop, then follow @HandNF. The twitter account was made a while ago, so the name is old.

At some point, I’ll reinvent this blog. I’ll keep it for its legacy of videos. Yet it probably won’t be used often, if at all. Subscribing using RSS or Atom will allow you to see new stuff while not having to check every other day.

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