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A Full Semester of High School

January 31, 2010 4 comments

With finals coming up soon, or perhaps those who’ve already had them, I thought it’d be nice to reflect on the last five months and see how my life has been, look at the great moments I’ve had so far, and how being a freshman has changed my life.

This may be old news to seniors, juniors, and sophomores, but for me, and those in lower grades, this list really shows you just what high school is truly about. Through your ups and your downs, you can experience a feeling; the feeling of learning!
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Local Kindercare Closes

January 10, 2010 Leave a comment

By Nick F — Associated HNF News
Over time, this building has become faded and hidden from the public eye, who are interested in big flashing signs. The local Kindercare in our town has been closed for a while. When I interviewed a few people on the street, they had no idea about the building’s history.
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