HNF Media for Hire

If you live in the area around South New Jersey, then you’re in luck! You are able to receive service from HNF Media in many different areas, for a very cheap price! Look no further than this webpage in order to get the high quality service that you want.

HNF Media – Your personal techie!

To schedule a date, email

    Video Recording

Professional Quality Video!
Free Editing!
(All fees are based on time of video)
Packages: YouTube – Single video, posted on Youtube in 720p HD.* [Fees: $5 per hour]
1080p – Single video, uploaded to a file sharing website in 1080p HD** [Fees: $10 per hour]
Bloopers – Contains full video, desired if you just want video camera use. For self editing [Fees: $1 per hour in 720p, $2 per hour in 1080p]
Editors – Will edit a video [Fees: $1 per hour]
Music Video – See Soundbooth
DVD – Places the video file on an SD DVD for family entertainment. Contained in a DVD case with sleeve and if desired a label for the DVD [Fees: $5 per hour + $1 for the DVD and case + $.50 for DVD label]
*Will apply for any video sharing website
**Uploaded to Youtube upon consent

    Recording Studio

High Quality Sound!
Available for mp3s online, or CDs!
You have creative control! You can specify various effects to use!
(Fees apply for each recorded song, but it may drop)
Packages: RockSpace – Records a group of 8 or less members separately or together, puts them into a single mp3 file for sharing online. [Fees: $2-6 depending]
OrchestraSpace – Records a group of more than 8 members separately or together, puts them into a single mp3 file for sharing online. [Fees: $10-14 depending]
CD – Records a group, puts it into a single file, and places it on a CD. The CD will have a label, case, and possibly a cover. [Fees: $6-9 depending, + $1 for CD and case, + $.25 for cover]
Music Video – Shoots a video for your group. You will be called in beforehand to record your song professionally and discuss video aspects. You will receive a digital copy of the song and video [Fees: $2-14 depending on the song, + $5 per hour of video]

    Game Making

(Currently Unavailable)

    Web Master

(Currently Unavailable)
Take control of the web!
Featuring many different types of service!
(Fees apply to hours of service)
Php – The power of php and MySQL used to create elaborate databases server side! [Fees: $5 per hour]
JavaScript – Able to fulfill many requests through the client, JavaScript enhances your web viewing experience! [Fees: $2 per hour]
Flash – Able to embed lots of various types of media in this fun and interactive web technology [Fees: $15 per hour]
HTML – Essential html which is the backbone of the web! [Fees: $1 per hour]
RSS/XML – Create feeds so that people can see what you’re doing wherever you go!* [Fees: $1 per hour]
*After initially created, maintenance will either be handed to your or free.


Request any song you’d like!
Featuring a library of over 10,000 songs!
(Fees apply to hour of service at the event)
Packages: DJ – Plays music, takes requests. [Fees: $80 per hour]

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